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21 July 2012

New IRC link and embedded pack download#

Posted by jenga

I have taken down the forums due to a lack of interest and spam, but replaced it with an IRC link. Clicking on the IRC link will automatically connect you to #nibl@irc.rizon.net.

Additionally, there is a new link next to packs when searching on the bots page.  Clicking on the [get] link will open the IRC tab and start downloading that file.

We are using pjirc for the IRC client which requires Java.

If there are any problems, please contact jenga in #nibl.

30 April 2011

Seedbox and VPShell#

Posted by jenga

We are kicking off some flexible seedbox plans for our new startup company called NiblSeed.com

The way it works is you pick how many GB you want (minimum 50GB) and which location you want to be at (EU or USA), then pay 10 cents per GB.

The basic software/services we offer are: FTP, SSH, rutorrent+rtorrent, 100mbit unmetered transfer.  If you would like access to any other software, we are more than happy to accommodate.

Each server will have no more than 10 users to keep performance up.

Visit our site at http://www.niblseed.com or contact Jenga at #nibl@irc.rizon.net for more info.

30 April 2011

Some changes#

Posted by jenga

`Hyrrokkin's server is going down this coming month, so the nibl website was moved once again.

I took the opportunity to make a couple changes:
   1) Forum registration will be immediate if the registrant is not a spammer.
   2) Forum has been upgraded to latest SMF version and all paths are correct (smileys and junk work now)
   3) The Search bot, ooinuza, has been moved to a USA server. It should perform much better now.
   4) We now have a subversion for ooinuza.  Some more development will happen. If anybody wants to request a feature, pm Jenga on irc.  If anybody wants to checkout ooinuza for use in their own channel, pm Jenga for the info.

If anything is broken, please let a staff member know.