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— Jenga
Welcome to #nibl@irc.rizon.net.
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07 March 2016

BTC means Bitcoin!#

Posted by Jenga

NIBL needs a facelift!

We are looking to design and develop a new website and need your help to do so.
This time, professionally!

Help us out and send your spare BTC to

22 April 2014

nibl.co.uk v3#

Posted by Sirus

Hey there guys, it's been forever since we've made a post on this page but rest assured we're all still very much alive and kicking!

We're currently working on a v3 website that'll be changing the face of NIBL as you know it, with tons of new and cool features as well as a lot of new content!
It's slow going but we're half way there, and we need some help.

So if you're a capable Web/IRC coder (PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, MySQL) stop by our IRC channel and send Sirus or Jenga a message!

20 July 2012

New IRC link and embedded pack download#

Posted by Jenga

I have taken down the forums due to a lack of interest and spam, but replaced it with an IRC link. Clicking on the IRC link will automatically connect you to #nibl@irc.rizon.net.

Additionally, there is a new link next to packs when searching on the bots page.  Clicking on the [get] link will open the IRC tab and start downloading that file.

We are using pjirc for the IRC client which requires Java.

If there are any problems, please contact jenga in #nibl.