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07 October 2017

Nibl site changes#

Posted by Jenga

Fixed some site functionality and upgraded libraries.
Site uses HTTPS only.
Site should handle NIBL|Arutha without crashing.

If there are any problems, please contact jenga in #nibl.

07 March 2016

BTC means Bitcoin!#

Posted by Jenga

NIBL needs a facelift!

We are looking to design and develop a new website and need your help to do so.
This time, professionally!

Help us out and send your spare BTC to

22 April 2014

nibl.co.uk v3#

Posted by Sirus

Hey there guys, it's been forever since we've made a post on this page but rest assured we're all still very much alive and kicking!

We're currently working on a v3 website that'll be changing the face of NIBL as you know it, with tons of new and cool features as well as a lot of new content!
It's slow going but we're half way there, and we need some help.

So if you're a capable Web/IRC coder (PHP, Java, JavaScript, HTML/HTML5, MySQL) stop by our IRC channel and send Sirus or Jenga a message!